Guide for High School Educators


A great article by Tricia Gardner – click here to download.

Typeface Designed For Dyslexics


Dutch designer Christian Boer has created a dyslexic-friendly font to make reading easier for dyslexics like himself. Click here to be taken to see it.

Classroom Guide To Dyslexia – Secondary


Click here

Educational Implications for Dyslexia Disability


Click here

Study Strategies for Students – Lois MacCullagh


Click here

Dyslexia – Anxiety – Self-esteem Cycle

Click here

Neil MacKay Video


To watch Neil MacKay discussing dyslexia awareness you can click here to be taken to the Dyslexia Action South Australia – YouTube site.

Classroom Mind Map


Mind Map 2014_lowres copy
Click image to view larger version

or Click here to download the Classroom Mind Map as a .pdf file

Dyslexia Strengths and Weaknesses


A printable poster highlighting Dyslexia strengths and weaknesses