Shaded School Exercise Books


Kapunda Print are producing high-lighted writing books for kids who have difficulty with regular lines and dotted thirds. These make an amazing and immediate difference to the quality of handwriting for kids with specific learning difficulties and fine motor problems. Well played, Tony Higgins!

These Exercise Books have yellow highlighted lines and are available from –

Kapunda Print
54 Adelaide Road
Kapunda SA 5373

Contact Tony Higgins
Phone: (08) 8566 3904
Mobile: 0417 856 652

Click here to see a sample of what they look like. Commercial Qualities (see our quote here) can be bought direct from Kapunda Print, while smaller quantities can be obtained from –

298 Port Rush Road
Kensington SA 5068

Phone: (08) 8431 1655


Seelect Educational Supplies
Unit 9, 601-603 Anzac Hwy
Glenelg SA 5045

Phone: (08) 8294 9111
Fax: (08) 8294 9903