The respective roles and responsibilities of schools and the SACE Board have been reviewed to ensure that the spirit and intentions of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is reflected in the SACE Board’s policy. Following on from the review of the 2015 National Disability Standards of Education, changes to special provisions have been made!

The SACE Board has accepted the recommendations of the school and students will not need any further testing to prove their need for assistance. Therefore, if the school argues that the student needs special provisions, these will be granted by the SACE Board. All requests for special provisions need to be supported by the school principal. A brief form is provided by the SACE Board for this purpose.

Granting of special provisions does not rely on psychological assessment, but psychological assessments will be accepted with no further testing required. If the school can identify a possible specific learning disorder (not a diagnosis) by describing what they have observed with the student’s learning behaviour, this will be adequate and accepted by the SACE Board and special provisions will be granted.

A special thanks to Dr Neil McGoran, CEO of SACE, along with Annette Brock, Karen Hodson, Sandy Russo (Speld SA) and our other Dyslexia SA advocates.

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Changes to Special Provisions for SACE